It’s a trap! (Proverbs 29:25)

Life Meets Theology

“How many in here admit to being ‘people pleasers’?”

box trap with pencilMy hand went up halfway.  After all, there were many in my church at which I was Lead Pastor who would say I wasn’t a people pleaser but I knew I struggled with it.

The facilitator of this “Marriage and Ministry Seminar” was quick to call me down, “You KNOW you are!  That’s why you feel like you’re supposed to raise your hand but you’re not sure if you should.”  He laughed.  I laughed.  My friend with me laughed.

The point of this exercise was to prove that all pastors are people pleasers.  After all, “people” is what we do.  Without people, you can’t be a pastor.  And what pastor doesn’t care one iota if his people are happy?

It got me thinking.  And it should you too.

How many of us are people pleasers?  How many of us decide what…

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