3 Ways to Motivate Change

Liz Keever

No matter how cool, calm and collected professionals may look or what they might be willing to admit, change makes them nervous. You might hear it in a tone of voice, see it in body language or sometimes hear it stated right up front. I recently had a conversation with a senior executive who has been given the responsibility of leading a big organizational change. It will involve various different units in the organization. She told me that the response, from a senior leader, to her mandate was “I’m happy to help you but…” and began to explain why they resisted the change. It’s not at all unusual. Doubt, anxiety and resistance are always part of a change initiative. That’s one thing that will never change!

Starting and (most important) sustaining a change initiative relies on motivation and inclusion. A change-managementkey part of leading a change effort is breaking down the…

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